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About Us

Welcome to Cedar Siding Seattle: Your Trusted Siding Partner

We are an experienced cedar siding company serving homeowners in the Pacific Northwest. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we provide top-quality service for all your home exterior remodeling needs. Let's explore why this natural product is a great choice for your property.

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What Our Clients say About Us?

"Replaced old siding with James Hardie fiber cement. The whole experience with KV was outstanding from start to finish. As new homeowners, undertaking a complete siding replacement and exterior painting project was intimidating. Vasily and the rest of the team made all our fears go away. They gave us a very thorough and accurate quote, and went above and beyond with great communication during the entire project. We are very thankful for them, and cannot recommend their services highly enough!"

"I used KV Construction on my last two home renovations that needed new siding. They do great work and I’ll continue to use them."

"Very good company, quality work. Easy to work with and reliable. Did the job quickly and respond in timely manner. Would definitely contact in the future."

Meet Cedar Siding Seattle, WA

Experience and Expertise

Choose Cedar Siding Seattle, WA for premium cedar siding solutions. Our team delivers stunning and long-lasting results with attention to detail and a commitment to customer service. Trust us for all your Seattle siding needs.

Our Reliability in Cedar Siding

Choose us for reliable and expert home improvement installations. With a proven track record of satisfied clients, we prioritize high quality and attention to detail. Our experienced team ensures each project meets the highest standards, giving you peace of mind.

Our Journey

With a focus on delivering high-quality home improvement solutions, we have honed our skills and expertise over the years. Trust us to transform your property with durable and beautiful cedar.

Our Track Record

Choose Cedar Siding Seattle, WA for our track record of excellence and guaranteed satisfaction. With over 12 years of experience, we've successfully completed numerous projects for both residential and commercial buildings. Our attention to detail and skilled project managers ensure outstanding results.

Our Mission

Cedar Siding Seattle, WA specializes in high-quality solutions. We offer exceptional service from start to finish, showcasing the beauty and durability of cedar. Choose us for all your home exterior renovation needs.

Our Specialization in Cedar Siding

Cedar Siding Seattle, WA specializes in western red cedar. We offer cedar shingles and more for your project. Our team understands red cedar's unique properties and selects high-quality materials. Trust us for tailored solutions that enhance your property's beauty through high quality products installation, repairs, and replacements.

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Choose Cedar Siding Seattle, WA for all your home improvement exterior needs. Our services include installation, maintenance, and repairs. Our team of experts is committed to preserving the natural beauty of your cedarwood.

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Cedar Siding Replacement

Choose our cedar siding replacement services for:

  • Extensive experience in cedar replacement

  • High-quality cedarwood

  • Meticulous attention to detail in removal and installation

  • Expert craftsmanship for a seamless finish

  • Enhance curb appeal and get long-lasting protection with our brand-new siding. Trust us for exceptional results that exceed your expectations.

Cedar Siding Repairs

Local Expertise

We specialize in repairs, including installation, replacement, and restoration. Our experienced contractors assess the damage and provide meticulous repairs to preserve your siding's natural beauty and extend its lifespan. From small cracks to storm damage, we handle all types of repairs.

Cedar Siding Seattle, WA

Choose Cedar Siding Seattle for top-notch services in Seattle, WA. Our expertise, reliability, and commitment to customer service make us the trusted choice for homeowners. Whether you need installation, repairs, or replacements, we deliver exceptional results. Experience the difference of working with the best in the business.

Our Commitment to Quality

Cedar Siding Seattle, WA specializes in high-quality products that enhances your property's natural beauty. We offer durable and timeless options such as bevel siding, cedar shingles, and live edge siding. Trust us for transformative solutions that make a lasting impression.

Get Your Free Quote Now

Contact Cedar Siding Seattle, WA for a free quote and transform your property with beautiful high quality products. Our experts will guide you through the process and offer competitive pricing. Trust us for exceptional results. Get your free quote now and start your stunning installation journey.

Free Consultation Opportunity

Get a stress-free project with our free consultation. Our experts will guide you, answer questions and help you make informed decisions for your property. Whether it's installation, repairs, or replacements, our tailored solutions enhance your property's beauty. Schedule your free consultation now.

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Why is Cedar Siding a Great Choice for your Property?

This material enhances your property's appearance and offers numerous benefits in the Pacific Northwest. It provides a natural appearance with rich tones, durability against decay and insects, high insulation value, and compatibility with the region's architectural style and natural surroundings.


Softwood is the perfect material for both interior and exterior usage, making it an ideal choice for siding, decking, and fencing all around the house, ensuring longevity and a stunning appearance. Choose this top material to transform your property into a stunning masterpiece.

How does Cedar Siding Seattle, WA Stand Out in the Market?

Choose Cedar Siding Seattle, WA for expertise, quality, and outstanding customer service. Our experienced team offers exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and understanding of the local climate.


Experience the best contractors in Seattle with unmatched customer service.

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Fixing Roofs

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets your company apart from competitors in the industry?

Choose Cedar Siding Seattle, WA for:

  • Extensive experience: Our team has years of high-quality expertise.

  • Unmatched customer service: We prioritize clear communication, personalized service, and prompt responses.

  • Attention to detail: We ensure meticulous attention, meeting the highest quality standards.

  • Diverse options: We offer a wide range of choices to suit homeowners' preferences.

  • US market focus: Our specialization in the US market allows us to understand homeowners' needs.


For all your home upgrade needs in Seattle, WA, choose us. We provide high-quality installations, replacements, and repairs. Our mission is to exceed your expectations with exceptional service, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote. Our customer support team is ready to assist you.

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